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14" Big Game Octopus Fishing Hoochie Skirts

Hoochie type - octopus shell, soft plastic bait. Chemically enhanced with ultra violet color technology. Shin coatings, glitter and multi pattern enhancements as shown Halibut - Tuna - Shark - Marlin


Large fishing lure for big game fishing Tiger shark lure skirt Silver Glitter lure skirt Supertackle 161 lure skirt
Blue and white halibut hoochies Purple big game shark lure skirt Bozo chevron green hoochies skirt Halibut Octopus spreader bar bait
TGIF 14 inch hoochies Supertackle Octo Hootchies Salmon Belly Halibut spreader bar bait Purple tuna trolling skirt
Pilchard pattern Halibut Hoochie XMAS TREE octopus hoochies Octopus tenticles hoochies Supertackle shark lure skirt

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