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  This size is prefered by many commercial troller fishermen in Washington State, British Columbia, Oregon and Alaska. These are long lasting and durable hoochie skirts.

  Fishing tackle crafting, octopus type bait, soft hoochie lures. Some color patterns we provide are specifically designed for many different fish in the oceans on the planet. Herring, minnow, pilchard and squid color patterns work the best in the the Pacific Northwest. The types of salmon these work on are Kings, Tyee, Coho, Chinook, Chum and Sockeye.

  These lures are usually trolled behind an 8" or 11" fishing flasher on a downrigger. The rigging of these is either with single or double hooks. The single hook is a aalmon siwash attached to a swivel and a couple of beads on the line to move the hook to the back of the lure. A double hook setup is similar and requires Octopus Beak hooks tied tandem and beads.

(Ultra Violet) strengths are rated between + and +++++